Raven Rock Farm

Changes due to COVID-19: We are continuing with our 2020 growing plans. We will be seeding, planting, harvesting and loving the gardens, orchards and berry patches as usual. But the way we get our veggies to you will be changing.

Our Roadside Farm Stand has changed to an Online Store. After registering as a customer, you will be able to place an order during our open hours and make payment online, and choose either pickup or delivery.  We are also attending the Saturday Market. 

We have always taken cleaning and sanitizing very seriously. Staff who are sick stay at home. Packaging is not re-used. (By us. We hope you use it again if possible!) We have dedicated bins for harvesting and chilling produce.  Even though we may rinse some veggies with potable water, you should always wash your veggies at home - whether they’re from a farm or a store. We wash our hands countless times every day.

Growing food is essential, now more than ever. We encourage everyone to grow some of their own food if possible - a small garden, a patio planting or even growing sprouts inside. Growing is therapeutic; It reminds us of natural cycles and seasons, inspires our creative and nurturing sides, gives us purpose, and fills us with healthy, nourishing food. 

We already miss seeing you. While an Online Store fulfills the need for distancing to keep us all safe, it’s not the same as a hello or a hug. We hope that when you open up your order, the vitality of our produce communicates our care and intent - we love growing food for you. 

May you and your family stay safe and healthy.

How to Write a Blog Post

How to Write a Blog Post


The Blog is one of your website’s most valuable marketing tools. Whether you’re blogging about fashion, science, education, business, or lifestyle, your ultimate goal is to get yourself, your expertise , or your business out to the world. This is  the way to reach your niche audience.


These steps will help you get started with your blog creation:



Attention-Grabbing Headline


An attention-grabbing headline makes your readers want to read your post right away. Make sure to choose a compelling title , otherwise your blog will not be read or shared.




Stand out Introduction


This is the second, most relevant part for grabbing your readers’ attention. If the first few sentences aren’t catchy enough, you will lose your readers. So, try to use humour, or tell an interesting fact right in the beginning. Then, describe the content of the topic, and give readers a reason to continue reading by explaining how it can help them.



Relevant Subheadings


Readers usually skim through the article before they actually decide to read it. Subheadings let you break up content making it easier for your audience to find the information most useful  for them, and skip the paragraphs they don’t need.



Bullet Points


Bullet points are great because they help grouping related ideas, and making them more digestible for readers. Use numbered and unnumbered bullets, but make sure not to write paragraphs in bullets. Breaking up an article with long lists or sentences with bullet points makes your blog scannable.


  • First, you’ll read this 
  • After that, you’ll notice this 
  • Then, you’ll have a glance at this 
  • And at last, you’ll finish on this. 



Captivating Images


It is more difficult to process the article when there’s no visual stimulation. Adding relevant images will increase blog post engagement by making it visually appealing. Images help readers understand complex topics, and remember your content better, so take advantage of visuals as much as you can.







Insert a call-to-action at the end of your post if you want your readers to do anything like subscribing to your blog, buying your product, or signing up to your newsletter. Make sure to mention the benefit your readers will get.


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