Raven Rock Farm

Changes due to COVID-19: We are continuing with our 2020 growing plans. We will be seeding, planting, harvesting and loving the gardens, orchards and berry patches as usual. But the way we get our veggies to you will be changing.

Our Roadside Farm Stand has changed to an Online Store. After registering as a customer, you will be able to place an order during our open hours and make payment online, and choose either pickup or delivery.  We are also attending the Saturday Market. 

We have always taken cleaning and sanitizing very seriously. Staff who are sick stay at home. Packaging is not re-used. (By us. We hope you use it again if possible!) We have dedicated bins for harvesting and chilling produce.  Even though we may rinse some veggies with potable water, you should always wash your veggies at home - whether they’re from a farm or a store. We wash our hands countless times every day.

Growing food is essential, now more than ever. We encourage everyone to grow some of their own food if possible - a small garden, a patio planting or even growing sprouts inside. Growing is therapeutic; It reminds us of natural cycles and seasons, inspires our creative and nurturing sides, gives us purpose, and fills us with healthy, nourishing food. 

We already miss seeing you. While an Online Store fulfills the need for distancing to keep us all safe, it’s not the same as a hello or a hug. We hope that when you open up your order, the vitality of our produce communicates our care and intent - we love growing food for you. 

May you and your family stay safe and healthy.

The Importance of Visual Content

The Importance of Visual Content


These days, people avoid reading long articles. They tend to read only highlighted parts, and check the visual content to get an idea. Use more visuals in your articles to make them digestible and skimmable for readers.


Whether you promote your product through social media, or through your blog, include visuals in your strategy. This tactic will make your content more


  • Engaging 
  • Attractive 
  • Relatable 
  • Memorable 
  • and understandable for your readers.  





Visual posts grab readers’ attention, and encourage them to take action. They communicate more information - the data in a small text is more difficult to digest than in a 1-minute video.


There’s a concept called visual blogging which is a type of content blogging that connects with readers using visual content like images, videos, GIFs, infographics, and mini-infographics. These visuals can be extremely entertaining when being used in the right context. They help break up the text and highlight the important points so that readers can scan the article, and understand what it’s about.


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